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Columnist: (GhanaWeb. com): Andrews Krow Madam Otiko Djaba has accused Mr Bugri Naabu, the Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) of taking bribe from people interested in the position of District and Municipal Chief Executive positions in his region. The interesting part of the allegation is the items the regional chairman collect from these interested persons. 
The Gender Minister emphatically stated in the interview she granted that the regional chairman collects goats, sheep and cows from interested persons.

Oppinion by Farhana Kudhus / Kofi Freeman Amponsa-Dadzie   PRESIDENT NANA AKUFO-ADDO'S INTERVIEW WITH GTV.
- No government has experienced the challenges that I have inherited 
-110 ministers needed to fix unprecedented challenges ~ President 

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Oppinion by Farhana Kudhus  - This and many of these nonsense and stupidity which goes on at our public universities are the reason why Ghana is messed up. Most of these same students ends up in our Parliament, we even have Mahama who was a Vandal at University of Ghana calls himself president. ..

Opinion by Kofi Freeman Amponsa-Dadzie -  When you read History, you come across so many great people , who passed through here, and make those living now appear so small and insignificant. 

Then sometimes you feel like pouring insults on bullies and dictators of the present age, because compared to people you have read about they are minions.

Opinion by Princess A. Isabel - When President Mahama won the 2012 elections, Nana Addo did not call him to concede and he Nana Addo together with the NPP declared to the whole world that they will not recognise President Mahama as the President of Ghana because the 2012 election was rigged in favour of the NDC. As a result they cursed the President and the EC and vowed to make the country ungovernable for President Mahama instead of pledging their support and blessings.

Source: GhanaWeb News - Everyone and especially the NDC big and small wings, asking the same questions: Why has NDC lost the election? 
The Blame-Game is on, and the party, once so proud is moving forward to opposition, occupying just 104 of 275 sits at the parliament of Ghana. They will remain there for at least 4 years to come. One should think, enough time for NDC, to find the "blameworthy".

By Remo - Yes! In form of religion. (Sorry, if i offend some of you here). Actually, the majority of churches honour Babylon. The Bible speaks of "Babylon the Great", as a rotten culture, religion and way of life, which will be destroyed by God Almighty, according to Revelation, bu even the Quran speaks of that, . Example; the Catholic Church (But, in Africa and Ghana, Church of England.. and so on, you see the same!):

By Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., Ph.D.

I am too mentally fatigued to celebrate the landslide victory of the Akufo-Addo-led New Patriotic Party (NPP) over the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC). That the margin of victory between Messrs. Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and John Dramani Mahama, the main challenger and the presidential incumbent, respectively, has been characterized by some pundits as “historic” and “unprecedented,” pretty much reflects the deep anguish and great craving of the Ghanaian electorate for a more progressive and competent government. 

Opinion by  Kofi Freeman Amponsa-Dadzie 

Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo has now fulfilled the mission of his People, whose nationalist pursuits began a long time ago in the 1940s. 

Pictures don't tell lies as seen here in all its glory of NANA AKUFFO ADDO AND HIS FAMILY!
Dr J B Danquah is the Doyen of Ghana Politics.