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Source: rainbowradioonline. com - A former member of parliament Madam Lucy Enimwaa Anin has spoken against the huge number of parliamentarians in Ghana's Parliament, saying that Ghana needs a functional and quality parliamentarians, not quantity. 
Speaking in an interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem, she questioned why Ghana should have 275 parliamentarians. In her view, Ghana do not need a big Parliament like we have now. The former legislator was wondering why Ghana with its economic challenges could have such a huge number of Parliamentarians when Dutch with so much money have less parliamentarians.

''275 Parliamentarians for what? We do not need such a big Parliament...Why should we burden ourselves with such a huge number of Parliamentarians? We don't need it.

We have to cut our coat according to our cloth.'' She also protested against the creation of the new constituencies, arguing that it is unnecessary since with proper planning, the newly created constituency could be be merged so funds allocated to them are judiciously used.

She also bemoaned the number of ministries currently established in the country, According to her, it is unnecessary and waste of state of resources. 

''We create ministries in this country unnecessarily. We don't plan as a country and that is why we lack behind. We need to plan well to ensure that we use our resources well.''


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