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The government under J. Mahama has not been able, to even create a promotional tourism website, for Aburi & Aburi Botanic Gardens!  Whiles this has been done privately, without any financial or even verbal or other support. How on Earth can this kind of promise, ahead of an General Election within 40 days, be true and valid... See Here the PRIVATELY founded and developed website (online since 2012, but under a different domain, since 2008)
President John Mahama has promised to revive one of Ghana’s collapsed tourist site, Aburi Botanic Gardens, located in the Eastern part of the country.

“We will do everything in our capacity to ensure Aburi advances it course in tourism in the region,” he said.
He mentioned that as part of the move, a new craft village has been built to boost craft works in the area.

He was speaking at Aburi, during the campaign launch of Lawrencia Adwoa Dziwornu, parliamentary candidate for Akwapim South.

He said, in the history of Aburi, this is the first time an NDC campaign has received attention with hundreds of sympathizers besieging the campaign grounds.

He added that it is an indication of victory for both presidential and parliamentary candidates for the NDC in the area.


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