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Source: GNA - Anas Aremeyaw Anas says after his investigative work exposing corrupt judges and magistrates there are 72 lawsuits against him.

The investigative journalist called on the media to play its role as the Fourth Estate of the Realm, by acting as a watchdog to the other arms of government.
“We should not just say we are the Fourth Realm without putting our role into practice,” he said at the fifth lecture series of the Central University, Miotso campus. It was on the theme: “Communication for Development.”

Speaking on the topic, ‘Putting the pieces together: The aftermath of the Judiciary Expose,’ Anas said “As the Fourth Estate of the land we make our country great when we all put our hands on the deck.

“However, after the judiciary scandal, there has been about 72 lawsuits against me, which has challenged me for greater things to happen and the impact of my work is what matters.”

He added that the way forward “lies on us because at least we know that judges are great people but we also know that they can be questioned when they go wrong”.

“Ten years from today if the judiciary gets back to the position it was, all of us must be blamed. If we all keep a constant eye we all will have a problem free or minimized corrupt judiciary,” he said.

The Chairman for the occasion, Professor Kwesi Yankah, Vice-Chancellor, of the University said Anas was a distinguished career journalist extraordinaire.

He said it was that reason that he was invited as well as his global agenda of upholding faith, Integrity, and excellence.

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