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By Remo - Yes! In form of religion. (Sorry, if i offend some of you here). Actually, the majority of churches honour Babylon. The Bible speaks of "Babylon the Great", as a rotten culture, religion and way of life, which will be destroyed by God Almighty, according to Revelation, bu even the Quran speaks of that, . Example; the Catholic Church (But, in Africa and Ghana, Church of England.. and so on, you see the same!):
Priests or "Bishops" wear the Babylonian Dagon fish hat for all to see...that pointy fish hat of Dagon which is also known as Nimrod grand son of Noah the ancient Babylonian god who defied God and served Lucifer, those in the Vatican and other so called Christian churches, wear these hats and perform the Babylonian rituals for all the world to see, but only those with eyes to see will really realise and understand. ...So, the big question is: Whom do you follow, when participating in this church rituals? Is that, what God expects from us? Following this false religions, of a City-State (Babylon), which he left, to be destroyed over on single night? Babylon Is An End-Times Nation… - Read More -



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