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Source: GhanaWeb News - Everyone and especially the NDC big and small wings, asking the same questions: Why has NDC lost the election? 
The Blame-Game is on, and the party, once so proud is moving forward to opposition, occupying just 104 of 275 sits at the parliament of Ghana. They will remain there for at least 4 years to come. One should think, enough time for NDC, to find the "blameworthy".
The NDC problem began, when people not on their radar, became the majority of the population, and when this majority become "dissidents." Then, when the invisible people (in the media sense of the term) engage in the democratic process and protest with a vote, it sounds like a bomb: No one saw it coming! No one could have predicted it!

After a number of online polls suggested, that the presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo-Addo, had a lead over Mahama`s NDC, his simple easy came strait away...;

Mahama - Nov 23, 2016 - "There won’t be a run off". At least, he was right, with that.
J. D. Mahama also very optimistic; “I believe that given a second term, people will see far more than we are seeing in this first term; 
but like I said, I am confident of victory because we will be able to achieve a first round victory."

Mahama further "...from what I am saying scientifically, plus or minus any margin of error, we will make 50 % plus.”

He was very confident, of NDC own surveys. Conducted by party conform "Scientists". Or self-acclaimed "Scientists", and "Prophets".

Such statements can make a headline, when data are officially released, but who cares about what poor people, or Ghanaians generally, really think?

Asked whether his party would seek the support of smaller parties in the event of a second round, President Mahama said; “It is not in my consideration..."

That, indeed could be called "Arrogance of Power"! Disrespecting the electorate of smaller opposition parties, in such humiliating way.

His answer might be one of the main reasons, why the majority of Ghanaians haven't voted for any MP, of any smaller party. More than one million Ghanaians concentrated their thumb, to just kick Mahama out of office.

Mahama and NDC lost many previous NDC voters to NPP.
Additionally, Nana Addo has been able, to mobilise by far more first time (mainly young voters), than he had ever dreamed of.

What about the electorate, who just refused to vote at all, out of protest, against plenty of hot air promises, which will see never daylight.

In that regard, the NPP and NDC alike, have missed their targets.

And yes, there is that state owned and party media;

Democracy depends for its survival on journalists doing correctly the job for which they are paid.
Reporting facts and not stigmatising the political opposition or people, like it has been done to former Attorney General, Martin Amidu or Nana Addo, who do not resemble them. It is not the "noble" duty of journalists to prevent things from happening. Just report facts, propose analysis, and let people think for themselves.  calculated Nov 7, that NPP would probably win with 55%. "SCIENTIFICALLY?" No, just an simple and easy calculation...  Unpaid and not Bias. - Re -



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