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Opinion by Kofi Freeman Amponsa-Dadzie -  When you read History, you come across so many great people , who passed through here, and make those living now appear so small and insignificant. 

Then sometimes you feel like pouring insults on bullies and dictators of the present age, because compared to people you have read about they are minions.
I mean as compared to Alexander the Great and Catherine of Aragon and our own Queen Victoria or Yaa Asantewa. You read about Bai Bureh, Samori Toure, Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, Mary Seacole, Mansa Musa, John B Adams, Ferdinand De Lesseps, the French Engineer who built the Suez canal under the orders of D'Israeli the suave British Prime Minister, pilloried by his own Tories as a Jew. 

Then 28 year old Robert Peel who established British Police to establish Law and Order in the Society, than use it to inflict unnecessary punishment on innocent people. 

What about the Spanish Conquistadors who braved the strange unpredictable conditions in Latin America to establish the New World. They were evil bastards but their encommendaros and hacendaros helped to industrialise the world. And the Black Africans, who actually built the World from their unpaid labour. 

I have never seen anyone intelligent in modern Politics like Thomas Jefferson. Barack Obama comes close to him, for the son of Blackman was one hell of a genius. None will be as radical like Andrew Jackson. 

You wonder how Sultan Ali of Turkey was able to stretch the Great Ottoman Empire across the Bosporus to spread Islam. History is full of people who rose from humble beginnings to establish great things like James Watt, and the guy who invented Vaccine against Small pox plus all the mercurial Scientists. 

We can't help admire Kwegyir Aggrey and the Anomabu scholars - like George Ekem Ferguson; but my personal hero is the dare-devil Akwamuhene Nana Kwamena Asemani who seized the Christianborg Castle from the Danish. 

People come and go, like those who built London Underground 100 years ago and the Politicians who boldly supervised the construction of Panama Canal. Knowledgeable people like the French Philosophers - Montesquieu and Voltaire - and British Originators of Magna Carta who gave us freedom and made our lives richer. 

Germany produced two children - Karl Marx and Max Weber who shaped our thoughts well before Adams Smith and John Maynard Keynes added more. We must add to peace and development than selfish pursuits. 

How sad to steal so much of your country's money for your children to blow it on the pipe... Hahaha!  'Everything By God'!



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