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"Those, who have not been living long with us (Germany), celebrate Silvester (New Year), with their guns!"
01.01.2017 /

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That`s how "Asylum" seekers, in Germany "celebrated" the New Year!
Does one wounder, that Germans more and more swing to the Nationalist and people orientated party AfD (Alternative for Germany)?
Autumn 2017 General Election will bring a big necessary "Surprise" to the two large established parties SPD ("Social Democratic") and CDU (Christian Democratic Union), of still chancellor Merkel! It`s about time! Germany, thank to Merkel, received during the last 1 1/2 years, more than 2.000.000 so called "Asylum" seekers. Mounting in to attacks and killings of Germans and foreign visitors.
^^Happy New Year^^... in Berlin - 01.01.2017
The last attack on people ended with 12 dead, and about 50 injured, . see Christmas market attack in Berlin, not even 2 weeks ago. Additionally, the truck driver, from Poland was killed in cold blood, by that "Asylum" seeker, who drove intentionally into the festive crowd. He aligned himself, in a video, to the terror state group of IS (Islamic State), which was later official confirmed.

The killer - later - was shot by Italian Police, in Italy...

And once again, 1000`s of mainly North African "Asylum" seekers, tried to invade the city of Koeln, and other cities nearby. Only a huge police presence of more than 1700 police officers - alone in Koeln - hindered them to archive their aim of Sylvester 2015/15, were more than 1000 cases of sexual harassment and even rape of German women occurred - in Koeln! The police made various arrests, 2 cases of sexual harassment were registered. One German was shot in his leg, by a yet unknown person, "Happy New Year" - This time...

Germany`s chancellor Merkel - now - widely regarded as the main cause to the problem, not just within the European Union, and Germany (Brexit of UK was one of the follow up`s), but also by the new incoming TRUMP administration.



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