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Only an unpatriotic,lunatic, canal, cabal,greedy,clown should justify this ignominy. The ministers would all be entitled to big salaries,police escorts,free housing,free watchmen, free gardeners, free drivers, free clothing allowance, free fuel and free entertainment allowance. All this free' would be paid by we the tax payers.
The biggest spin ever to be visited on us in Ghana is NPP promising to trim government only to come into government and double the ministerial numbers. You claim the economy was collapsed. You said your opponent was corrupt and greedy. You said the public purse was empty. You succeeded in your act of sophistry and convinced most of us to vote for you. On the back of collapsed economy, you are increasing the number of ministers, implementing huge social policies with far reaching effects on revenue and so forth.

I did not vote for this type of political foolhardiness. We voted for the restoration of TRUST and CONFIDENCE in public institutions and in overall governance.We voted for the state to be subservient to us not for us to be subservient to the state.We voted for prudence and efficiency not opulence and stupid grandeur.

We trusted you to be different. We trusted you to rise above the insipidness of our times and to be different in terms of your leadership and policy direction.

We voted for you to lead both by precept and by example as a government that would cherish excellence over pettiness and ' POLITICAL PORK BARRELING'

We did not vote for you to turn the presidency into a huge depository of OPIUM for the edification of the bourgeois class.

This singular act would make you lose the PUBLIC WILL/WEAL and in no time, your enduring acts of change and leadership would be considered as mere FACTOIDS in the affairs of your fellow countrymen. I supported you to come to power . I would not support you in this endeavour to make the state a PREBENDAL.

We shall not be happy if you end up creating the biggest POLITICAL SPOILS system in the world.

We are disappointed in you NADAA. Reduce the size of government NOW!




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