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Oppinion by Farhana Kudhus / Kofi Freeman Amponsa-Dadzie   PRESIDENT NANA AKUFO-ADDO'S INTERVIEW WITH GTV.
- No government has experienced the challenges that I have inherited 
-110 ministers needed to fix unprecedented challenges ~ President 
1. 65% of my ministers are MPS
2. 36 ministers have declared their assets to the Auditor General.
3. I inherited;
- 74% GDP to debt ratio
- Energy sector debt stands at 2. 4 billion dollars
- 3. 6 economic growth rate
- Deficit of 9%
4. The focus of my first
budget is to shift the
emphasis from
excessive taxation to
freeing the private
"The President's reaction to the massive criticisms over his appointments of ministers scores him another marks.

He's taken pains and time to explain his reasons behind the appointments.
We can agree or disagree, but at least he DIDN'T tell us that we were incapable of criticizing him because we have never been Presidents before."

The President Speaks The Truth:

We must support the President. He is genuine and not reckless at all. He says that 70% of his Ministers are MPs, which is equal to 77, out of the 110 Appointees. Therefore only 33 People have actually been appointed outside Parliament. It's not Job for the boys but an empowerment of the elected Representatives of the people in the day to day running of the NPP government. I am chuffed to bits. So many good and intelligent MPs will become Ministers and directly supervise the operations of the government machinery, and then defend their actions in Parliament. This is unprecedented! It's a win-win situation. All hands on deck. Ghana must do better than the past! God bless President Nana Akuffo Addo.



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