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PRESS RELEASE - Ghanaian made a decisive change of regime with the expectation for better economic condition, improve government machinery cost cutting to create enabling environment for the economic job creation and infrastructural development as promise by the opposition at the time.
This objective was demonstrated through the over worming endorsement of this current regime in this regards it is incumbent on them to introduce policies that fulfill the expectation of Ghanaian, as civil society group it is our duty to offer the best alternative views to serve our people and as a watch dog to keep government on it toes to enable the ordinary Ghanaian attain maximum benefit they deserve as a citizen in term of management of the national purse.

It a worry to note that the few initiatives taken by the government will not yield the expected benefit the people envisage hence the regime change. As civil society group we wish to call on the government to reconsider his approach to the administration of the state else we are heading toward dish. 

Namely number of minister and deputy ministers appointed, record shows Ghana is one of the few country in sub Sahara Africa who has the highest number of ministers compare to it population size, the number of appointment of minster increases from regime to regime, but this regime has had the highest number of ministers compare to previous administrations, considering the country debt portfolio , level of unemployment and dependency rate, increase expenditure on government machinery will bring the economy to a hot if steps are not taken to correct the anomaly the economic will be affected greatly .
This Government has seen the highest allocation of resources to the office of the president in the history of this country 1.56b. Compare to 1.9m 2.0m to mention but a few. 
Allocation to the district assembly common fund has been cut according to the 2017 budget statement
Allocation to the education ministry has also been reduce when compare 2016 and 2017 budget.
It is has been difficult to identify the kind of administration this government hopes to run, is it bottom down approach Vic visa or lean government.

Backbone of good governance thinks this approach will weaken the economy fundamental since much of the resources would be channel toward administrative purposes than investment in the productive sectors of the economy to propel the needed growth.
We therefore call for the cutting down the size of government machinery to reflect on the aspiration of the people.
Thank you

Executive secretary



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