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Oppinion by Farhana Kudhus  - This and many of these nonsense and stupidity which goes on at our public universities are the reason why Ghana is messed up. Most of these same students ends up in our Parliament, we even have Mahama who was a Vandal at University of Ghana calls himself president. ..
AND WE ALL KNOW THE MESS HE HAS CREATED IN GHANA . Look at the nonsense and stupidity which goes on in parliament. So called honorable MP's behave like kindergarten kids. Some of these so called honorable MP's can create false allegation and lies against their fellow MP's. THE ROOT OF INDISCIPLINE IN GOVERNMENT, PARLIAMENT PUBLIC SECTOR, AND THE GHANAIAN SOCIETY IN GENERAL. Whiles top universities in USA, UK and Europe are competing in technologies and inventions, you in Ghana are competing in who is a so called super-power and who is the most stupid. Tweaaaa, no wonder the western world look down upon us. Is mostly because of this nonsense and stupidity in Ghana.



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